Bordie Charged

Bordie Blast 2023 - Bordie Charged Feedback

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We had a blast at Bordie Charged 2023, we hope to see you at Bordie in Show 2024.

Bordie Charged occurred on October 14-15 2023 (Setup the 13th) at Sammamish High School.

What is a Bordie? 

"Bordies", originally called "birdies", are the mascot of Team 2412. They are a symbol of friendship on our team and within FRC. 

For each competition, the Robototes make custom bordies for other teams prior to alliance selection. These bordies serve as a token of friendship and Gracious Professionalism

Charged Up!

We will be playing the FIRST Robotics Competition: CHARGED UP game.

This is an off-season event hosted by Sammamish High School's FRC Team 2412, the Robototes.

We will be using the 2023 Game Rules with 2 modifications: the hybrid node boundary will be 4" of gaff tape rather than 2", and damaged cubes will be a foul, rather than a tech foul.


Registration Fee: $300 for first robot, $100 for second - space permitting

If you have any questions about sign-ups and logistics, please contact Laura Dooley (Event Coordinator), or Evan Kline (Lead Mentor).

Safety Guidelines

Our event will follow any state COVID guidelines as well as CDC and school district guidelines/rules. Additional restrictions may be added.


Interested in sponsoring Bordie Charged? 

Email us at or visit us at


Team List

Team 2412 The Robototes (Host)

Team 5937 M I Robotics

Team 4089 Stealth Robotics

Team 948 Newport Robotics Group

Team 6443 AEMBOT

Team 93xx Velocity Raptors

Team 4911 CyberKnights

Team 2122 Team Tators

Team 2910 Jack in the Bot

Team 9036 Ramen Robotics

Team 7461 Sushi Squad

Team 2990 Hotwire

Team 2557 SOTAbots

Team 1318 Issaquah Robotics Society

Team 4180 Iron Riders

Team 1899 Saints Robotics

Team 949 Wolverine Robotics

Team 492 Titan Robotics

Team 2926 Robo Sparks

Team 1778 Chill Out!

Team 2928 Viking Robotics

Team 3218 Panther Robotics

Team 2046 Bear Metal

Team 2522 Royal Robotics

Team 8248 ChainLynx

Team 8546 /n (Linebreak)

Team 4682 CyBears

Bordie is safe safe

Thanks for coming!